5. Detailing Another person’s Bodily Features and you may Identity

5. Detailing Another person’s Bodily Features and you may Identity

As mentioned just before, their field can alter in time. Although not, you nonetheless still need to make use of ‘Ser’ in this instance. Take a look at analogy:

Fui enfermera dentro de ten anos, hoy soya ama de- casa I became a nursing assistant to possess ten many years, i am just a homemaker

See that you utilize ‘Ser’ with its earlier means to share their old industry and you can ‘Ser’ with its introduce setting to share with you the current community.

cuatro. Exploit or Your personal? Stating Possession

However, there are many a means to speak about possesions into the Foreign-language, one common way so you can it is with the verb ‘Ser’. While using the verb ‘Ser’ in this situation, you are brand of pinpointing the object and its own proprietor. Keep in mind that there are numerous an effective way to mention possesions inside the Spanish.

Don’t forget that for the Spanish the latest noun and also the verb need certainly to consent within the amount. Also, the fresh adjective plus in blackplanet seznamovací aplikace this case the newest possessive pronoun must concur in both number and you will intercourse. Observe that the last advice was in fact considering your possessions. However, whenever talking about another person’s property you’ve got several choice. You either have fun with an excellent possessive pronoun or you use the adopting the structure:

Whenever talking about someone’s bodily attributes and personality we always fool around with ‘Ser’. Possibly, the brand new Language sound system have fun with ‘Ser’ and you may ‘Estar’ interchangeably in such a case. not, i use ‘Ser’ to share intrinsic qualities. Here are a few quite popular real qualities that actually work to the verb ‘Ser’.

Constitution and you will Peak

When you find yourself to spell it out someone’s peak or composition, you need to do they to the verb ‘Ser’. Below are a few advice.

So why either you might tune in to these types of phrases with the verb ‘Estar? Because they’re talking about short-term claims. In other words, you could potentially claim that the sibling ‘esta gordo’ to fairly share which he has been dining a great deal in which he attained lbs. However, in this instance, his pure structure is not fat.

Skin’s, Eyes’, Hair’s Colour

This really is several other physical trait that people explain to your verb ‘Ser’. In order to do so it, you ought to utilize the possessive pronouns.

Outlining another person’s Character

Exactly as we use ‘Ser’ to spell it out somebody’s appareance, we also use it as soon as we want to speak about its personality.

6. Outlining an object

Just as we explore ‘Ser’ whenever describing a person’s real properties or identification, i additionally use it to spell it out an item. Listed here are several of the most preferred properties that really work which have ‘Ser’.


When you not likely gonna be these are material and you will fabrics all day long, you must know that this various other quite common use of the verb ‘Ser’. Once you’re in this case, be sure to utilize the adopting the build.

Even though you you will convert term by-word the new English keywords ‘is made of’, inside verbal Language, i play with ‘ser de’ to generally share product. Also, remember that for folks who convert phrase by-word, you should need to use the fresh verb ‘Estar’. No matter what alternative you select, both are correct.


Any time you have to explain an enthusiastic object’s profile or texture, you need to use the verb ‘Ser’. Although this will not take a look common getting a discussion, understand that being able to explain an object are very helpful when you’re learning a unique language and you also have no idea or dont remember an enthusiastic object’s identity.

Even if you haven’t regarded as it, talking about good thing’s size is rather popular inside a conversation. Very make certain that, make use of the proper verb.

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