Research toward Halabja dialect are supported by a n

Research toward Halabja dialect are supported by a n

c) The newest eastern Jewish languages share numerous have: greatest stress (1), alter aplikace spotted out of [Theta] to a single (4), reinterpretation off verb category given that contour (5), and reflexive pronouns considering nos- (17). These are areal keeps hence duration the essential divide anywhere between Halabja towards one hand and you may Koy Sanjaq and you can Azerbaijan to the almost every other. This isn’t obvious in which dialect all of them originates, however they are most likely lent from a single towards the anybody else and never passed down in keeping.

These three big groups away from isoglosses represent just a small area of facts and that’s brought to incur with the taxonomy of one’s NENA dialects. Hoberman (1988, 573), playing with research regarding pronouns, reveals the presence of a northern Iraqi dialect group (right here depicted by Zakho, Tisqopa, and you may Aradhin) and this cannot be sensed based on the restricted studies demonstrated right here. All it takes now could be both fuller meanings of the dialects currently recorded, to ensure more widespread and identifying functions is available, while having field-work to checklist the countless dialects which can be to the verge of extinction.

step one Thanks are due to people that contributed research and you will suggestions, such as Gene Gragg, Robert Hoberman, and you will Jo Rubba. E.H. june stipend.

Eg, f and you can g was basically employed in the conditions particularly etrog ‘citron’ and sefer ‘scroll of the law’, where throughout the handed down Aramaic vocabulary f might have be p and you will grams could have vanished

step three Garbell (1964, 100-103) says that the audio system of Jewish Azerbaiaic out-of Kurdish. Her first proof for this ‘s the enunciation out-of Hebrew loan-conditions in this dialect. Hebrew loanwords during the Jewish Azerbaijani maintain specific tunes which were erased otherwise matched with others in the common Neo-Aramaic language. Garbell claims these retentions prove these Hebrew terminology have been lent to begin with within the Kurdish, and that a group of Kurdish audio system later moved on to Neo-Aramaic. It appears to be apt to be the Hebrew facets regarding the dialect don’t participate in the latest sound changes in question on account of brand new unique religious sign in to which they fall-in. They may need changed immediately after which been restored on the base of antique enunciation away from nearby organizations.

cuatro A raised + reveals that another phrase are pronounced into the suprasegmental ability ’emphasis’ that is discover somewhat in most NENA dialects. Phonetically, emphasis is cutting-edge, but their first role try velarization, and is have a tendency to due to the existence of the brand new emphatic consonants t and s.

7 In the dialect out of Tyari [Theta] have a tendency to will get s. Which dialect, that has been verbal just before 1915 in a district out of Hakkari, is not chatted about here just like the materials with it is insufficient.

8 That isn’t obvious if this type is present within the the Halabja dialect. My personal informants after that knew it, however, said it had been significantly more trait of one’s surrounding town of Suleimaniya. Nevertheless, it’s not familiar regarding dialect of your Jews out-of Sanandaj.

9 Robert Hoberman suggests in my experience the NENA versions can get actually have came from an unattested metathesized e[Theta]strip ezdi.

Boyarin, Daniel. 1981. For the Bono Homini Donum: Essays inside the Historic Linguistics in Memory regarding J. Alexander Kerns, ed. Yoel L. Arbeitman and you can Allan R. Bomhard. Amsterdam Training on Concept and you will Reputation for Linguistic Technology, collection IV. Current Activities inside Linguistic Theory sixteen. Region II, 613-44. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

A query towards Development of the Center Aramaic Languages

Garbell, Irene. 1964. Flat Terms and conditions and you can Syllables into the Jewish East The brand new Aramaic out of Persian Azerbaijan and also the Continguous Districts (An issue of Multilingualism). When you look at the Knowledge into the Egyptology and you can Linguistics honoring H. J. Polotsky, ed. H. B. Rosen, 86-103. Jerusalem: Israel Mining Community.

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